Advance Wedding Hair Salon Consultations

The only way to know for sure if the style you want your hair to be in on the day of your wedding is going to look as good as you envision it is to have your hair done in that style prior to the wedding so that you can see it. You know that some people can style their hair in a certain way and it will look wonderful all day and into the night. Another person might go and have the same thing done to their hair and the style only looks good on them until they make it back to their car. An advance wedding hair salon consultation will allow you to discover how your hair is going to react to the style you want.

You want to make an appointment for your advance wedding hair salon consultation at least thirty days before the ceremony. This will give you enough time in advance of the big event to make any changes that you have to make in order to get your hair to accommodate the style you have envisioned.

At the advance wedding hair salon consultation you need to make certain that the stylist who will be doing your hair for you understands exactly what you want. The stylist and you will look through books for the style that you like the most. The stylist will be able to look at your hair and tell you if the style you want is possible with the hair you have. That sounds rather mean, but thin wispy hair cannot be styled in the same way that thicker hair can. You do not want to wait until the day before the wedding to discover that the style you want simply cannot be achieved with the locks you have.

An advance wedding hair salon consultation is especially necessary when you are going to have the stylist come to the chapel to fix your hair immediately prior to the ceremony. The stylist needs to know what type of hair you have, what style you want, and what your hair normally responds to. This will allow them to bring the appropriate tools and styling products with them to get the look you want to stay in place for the length of time you need it to. You do not want your stylist to be caught off guard on the day of your ceremony.

If you also plan for the stylist to work on the hair of your bridal party then each person that is going to have their hair styled on that day needs to attend the consultation. The stylist will need to see each person and judge what tools and product they will need to work with each persons hair on the day. Most brides have all of their bridesmaids wear matching dresses and they often want them to have similar hairstyles for the big day. The stylist will need to see all of the bridesmaids so they can recommend styles that will work in all of their hair.

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Some Wedding Hair Dos

How do you select a style from so many wedding hair dos that are in style today? This is one of the questions which will be uppermost in the mind of any bride. Everybody has experienced a bad hair day and you do not want that to happen on the most important day of your life and therefore it is important to choose the right wedding hairstyle. Here are a few things you should consider before you choose a style from the various wedding hair dos.

The choices available to you many be somewhat limited depending on is the type of hair, whether curly, wavy or straight, and its texture. Your hair will have a natural flow and inclination and so it is best to keep closely to the best options while choosing a wedding hairstyle. If you have natural curly hair, picking a straight wedding hairstyle might cause some problems. To straighten curly hair will take a lot of time and it may not stay straight, particularly on humid days. On average the entire wedding celebrations last for at least eight hours, so the wedding hairstyle will need to be manageable for at least that long.

There are basically two general styles; wearing your hair up or leaving it down, all other wedding hair dos are just variations of these two. So the next things to consider is whether you would like to have an up do style or would like your hair to flow down. Now, this will depend on two factors; your type of wedding outfit and your facial features and personality.

If you have been wearing your hair down all this time and then changing to an up do style can totally change your looks. You do not want to look suddenly radically different on your wedding day. If you still feel you are keen on up wedding hair dos, you will need to first do a trial much before the wedding date and see how people take to it. You will also get a chance to experience how comfortable you feel in this particular hairdo. If you have sharp features, an up hairdo can give you a severe look and may not suit you if your personality is of a soft kind. In such cases you can consider pulling the hair back in a chignon and decorating it with clips or flowers.

For some, body structure will help decide on a style. An up hairdo will look good if you have a slender neck and soft facial features. This type of hairdo can also accentuate a beautiful high neck wedding dress as the hair style doesn’t cover the work on the bodice of the gown.

Making a choice of wedding hair dos along with the help of your hairdresser is a good idea. Collect the photos of the wedding hairstyles you prefer and take it your hairdressing salon. Ask the hairdresser which ones would suit your type of hair and facial features. Ultimately you should feel comfortable and confident with the hairdo you wear on your big day.

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Wedding Hair – Spring and Summer Tips

When it comes to deciding how to wear your hair for your wedding, you should really consider the season and climate. If you’re one of the many, many brides that ties the knot in the Spring or Summer you’ll probably want to follow these suggested guidelines to ensure your wedding hair style lasts from the moment you leave the salon, all the way to the end of the night.

1. Style your hair according to how it usually dries

When thinking about wedding hair styles, keep in mind how your hair personally reacts to Spring and Summer conditions; in particular humidity. If humid weather makes your hair curl, consider having your hair done in all curls or maybe an updo. On the flip side if your hair stays poker straight in humidity don’t try any wedding hair styles with long curls, they will just end up going flat.

2. Try to avoid extra frizz

We know that humidity causes frizzy hair, but there is an easy technique to keep it from getting out of control. Gently blot dry your hair with a towel the last time you wash your hair before the wedding. Don’t rub it dry with the towel because this will only cause further damage to any broken hair, thus increasing the chance for frizz. After blot drying your hair try applying an anti-frizz serum to damp hair. This should help for how you have your wedding hair styled the next day.

3. Use the ‘cool’ setting on your blow dryer

When using your blow dryer on hot, this allows your hair follicles to open, increasing the chance of damage and frizz. So after you blow dry your hair, set the blow dryer to the ‘cool’ setting. Using this setting will in turn close your previously opened hair follicles. This will help make your hair look gorgeous for any long wedding hair styles or updos you may have done.

4. Keep anti-frizz serum with you on the wedding day

A great tip to brides is to keep a little bottle of anti-frizz serum with you the day of the wedding. This will help prevent frizz if the humidity should try and ruin your wedding hair style. It will also come in handy for any of your bridesmaids hairstyles that may be suffering from frizz as well.

5. Be true to who you are

Many brides feel they have to make some dramatic change to their hair for their wedding. But you don’t want to look back at your pictures ten years from now and say… what was I thinking. So stay true to you, have your hair stylist do your wedding hair in a way that’s classic and always looks good.

6. Don’t have your hair done too early

Another key thing to remember when getting your hair done for a Spring and Summer wedding is timing. Because you have to worry about humidity, frizz and your hair potentially falling throughout the day, don’t get your hair done too early in the day. If you’re getting married at 7:00pm don’t get your hair done at 9:00am. This will help keep your wedding hair style looking flawless as you walk down the aisle.

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14 Tips to Prepare a Great Wedding Hair Style

What style do you want to go for? Should your hair be curled, straight, have an up-do, any wedding hairstyle accessories? What style will look best with the shape of your face? What wedding hair style will look great with the dress you have chosen?

Your best approach will be to start considering these things well in advance of the wedding date.You will also want to start visiting hair salons as soon as you are done choosing your wedding dress. Another common problem associated with wedding hairstyles can be related to finding a great hair salon and stylist.

Here are my tips to prepare a great wedding hair style and choose your stylist.

Budget. Decide how your wedding hairstyle expense will fit in your total wedding budget and stick to that amount when looking for a stylist.
Dress. Take a picture of your wedding dress with you when you visit salons. If possible, have someone take a picture of you while you are trying the dress on to give the stylist a better idea of how you actually look wearing the dress.

Change of dress or hair accessories. Recently many brides are wearing 2 dresses; one for the wedding and then another as an evening gown. Be sure to let your stylist know so she may be able to be of assistance where needed to make any adjustments necessary. This includes hair accessory changes that might be made for transitioning to the evening wedding party. Your stylist can help with removal of any hair accessories or a veil.

Salon search. Google search for salons that specialize in wedding hair that are local to you. Ask them if they have a stylist who specializes in wedding hair. Ask for price ranges, availability, level of experience, and samples.

Consider your own hair texture. Do you have curly hair? Oily hair? Fine hair? Does the stylist you are considering seem to take this into account? If not, why? These may be red-flags to prompt you to continue your search for a good stylist.

Weather. Take into account the time of year as well as the weather and how hair individually responds to climate circumstances; particularly moisture. On raising the actual probability with regard to frizz, look at using a good anti-frizz serum in order to moist locks. This in particular should really help to control frizz.

Setting. Where will you have your wedding? Outside? Ballroom? You’ll want your look to flow nicely with the settings of your wedding. For a Hall or ballroom, consider up-do’s, buns, and a more formal hairstyle. For a casual setting such as a backyard, a beach, consider a look that is slightly less formal in appearance.

Wedding hairstyle accessories. There are many to choose from. Wedding hair accessories are very elegant, expensive looking, and very well-made. The many wedding hair accessories that you can choose from include a sophisticated tiara, hair flowers, rhinestone hair pieces, and many more. An accessory can round out that perfect look you are after!

Bring any veil or wedding hair accessory. Be sure to show them to your stylist of choice before the day of the wedding so they have a good idea of what they will be working with and together you can discuss what styles work best with your veil or accessory. If you don’t have it purchased yet but plan to wear one then simply buy something similar from the store.

Veil Removal. If you do plan to wear a veil then ask your stylist for suggestions on veil removal depending on what kind of veil you are using. One suggestion is to consider a veil that is not sewn to the main head-piece or tiara but can be easily attached or removed with velcro which is also known as hook-and-loop.

Photographer. Ask the salon owner if their photographer is allowed in the salon to take pictures of the bride and bridemaids getting their hair done. Most often this should not be a problem but you want to be sure so that things can go smoothly on your special day!

Food and Snacks. Ask the salon owner if you are allowed to bring any snacks or drinks for yourself and any bridemaids. At times, the owner may even be happy to provide light snacks and drinks themselves, and especially if they know ahead of time.

Try before making a final choice. Discuss with your stylist on trying your wedding hairstyle choice before the day of your actual wedding so you can truly determine whether this style will work well for you or not. You most likely will love the way it turns out and decide to stick with that choice but you may find that it might look a bit off, needs some tweaking, or you may need to pick an entirely different style if it just doesn’t give you the right look. Give yourself 6 months of searching and trying before making that final choice.

Listen to your instincts. You may find you are uncomfortable with a certain stylist or not as thrilled with an accessory as you first thought. You may have more than one style that you love and need time to decide. Make sure you are as satisfied as possible with your stylist and your choice of wedding hair style for that special day simply because you deserve it on such an important occasion!

You will want your wedding hairstyle to look great with your gown, your settings, and most of all it should be a hairstyle that gives you confidence, a happy glow, and fits you the most.

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Wedding Hair Styles – How To Avoid Disaster


Wedding Hair Styles- Your wedding hair planning has begun. It seems that there are so many details you must complete at the same time. You’ve imagined that you’ll have the most beautiful of wedding hair styles.

But will it match with your wedding dress and wedding hair accessories and will it be complimented by the bridal hair styles of your bridesmaids? All of this wedding stuff already has you almost overwhelmed, so you think, “I need help”.

You’ve come to the right place. I’ll help you look like the stunning, romantic, storybook bride that you always fantasized that you’d be. You see, for over 20 years I have helped brides with their wedding hair and bridal makeup.

Finally I will give you some inside information that other salons don’t want you to know regarding wedding hair styles services and contracts.


Wedding hair styles and bridal makeup plans should be formulated at least 3-4 months before the event. Have your hair stylist show you some pictures of their work on brides or of special event hair styles. Bring the wedding hair pictures displaying the styles you like the best.

Pictures of wedding hair styles are one of the best ways to avoid bridal hair disasters. Pictures will help eliminate misunderstandings between you and your hair stylist.

Be practical. Try a style that is comfortable for dancing and moving around. Consider the wedding location’s climate (humid, dry, wet, cold, too hot). Make a selection from wedding hair styles that will match with the style of your dress. Keep your desired bridal hair styles in mind when picking out accessories.


Wedding Hair Accessories like hair ornaments and headpieces should not overpower your wedding hair. If you plan to wear a more elaborate headpiece, your wedding hair style should be simple. Bridal Tiaras can be very flattering.

Very simple jewelry will do for the bridesmaids. Stick with earrings, bracelets, or rings, but avoid
necklaces. The entire bridal party should have one theme for the wedding hair styles and bridal make-up. However the bridal party could all have different hair lengths, color and texture of hair.

Your bridal make-up should emphasize the eyes, lips, and skin-tone as these parts should be camera friendly at all times. Remember that bridesmaids are to compliment the bride and are not there to overshadow her.


It is not a bad idea to have an up-do, if your dress covers all the way to the neck. Don’t be afraid of a short hair style especially if you are petite. Short hair can be one of the more sexy wedding hair styles.

It is usually better to not to request a classic hair do with a contemporary wedding dress. If you have your heart set on one of the classic wedding hair styles, then it should be a casual one.

For a modern or classic Victorian style, one of the beach wedding hair styles is better when it is a basic chignon or down hair style with simple, loose curls. Soft curls give you a very romantic look. This goes for the bridesmaids as well. It is better that they all follow the same pattern.

The bridal party should wear the same color and style of dress as well as a similar hairstyle. For example, either all the bridesmaids should wear flowers in their hair or no one should at all.


What’s the best way to check the look of all the wedding hair styles in your bridal party? Easy, it is to have your entire bridal party make a visit to a salon for a wedding hair style tryout.

Salons usually give a tremendous discount for wedding hair style tryout service since they know you will like their work and that subsequently you will book your wedding party with them. It is common for salons to present a contract to brides.


Make sure to read your contract carefully before signing. Read every word and make sure to ask questions if you don’t understand something. If you are uncomfortable with the wording, it is fair to ask that the contract be changed.

Don’t just gloss over the details of the contract. It should include important information such as the date of your wedding, the types of wedding hair styles and bridal make up services to be rendered.

Many salons will ask for a deposit to hold the appointment in advance. Some contracts will state that deposits are nonrefundable.

If your wedding hair styles contract has such a clause determine if there is a grace period. Pay a percentage of the service and not the whole price. Also make payment with a credit card. Should there be a problem or dispute, you will have a better chance of getting your money back.


Congratulations on finding your husband to be.

In this article I gave you great tips that will help perfect your wedding hair styles and bridal make up. I’ve also given you some inside information that other salon owners don’t want you to know regarding services and contracts.

Now, take a deep breath and breathe out all of your wedding anxiety. Relax; it’s just easier to turn over bridal hair styles planning to a professional, isn’t it? Of course it is. Telephone Next Salon at 310-392-6645 in Santa Monica, California in order to get answers to your questions and to book an appointment for perfection with your bridal makeup and wedding hair styles.

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